Due to the rise in interrest in my fairywings I desided to make this site about the wings I make. The wings are made from two layers of 'organza' with a layer of Vliesofix in between. The line pattern is made with an embroidery machine after the three layers are put together. There after the wings are handpainted. At last e metal wire is stitched along at least the upper trace to stiffen the wing. The amout of metal wires depend on the size of the wing. Thanks to the metal wires the wings will stay in the shape they are put in and can easily be attached to the fairy.

The wings are made in the following sizes: 10 cm (4") , 14 cm (5.5"), 17 cm (6.7"), 20 cm (7.9"), and 24 cm (9.4") This size is the length of the wing measured from the mounting point to the tip of teh wing. This is explained in more detail on the 'Wing sizes' page.
One sigle wingset consist of two big upperwings en two smaller lowerwings, totaly four separate wings. Because of this combination of wings in a single set it is possible to give two fairys a single set of wings out of one set of wings.

You can see a few colour samples on the 'Colours' page. All sizes of wings can be made accordig to these samples. Becouse the wings are hand painted minor devations of the colour samples should be expected. In case you like to have a different colour sceme please contact me by email. Allmost every colour sceme can be made.

Becouse the wings are mostly handmade which is very time consuming you have to be prepared for a varying delivery time of at least one week. The delivery time depends on the time that is available to me to make the wings. If you want a good indication of the actual delivery time pleas contact me by email .

If you have further questions or sugestions please send me an email.

Some wings can be seen on my fairy site http://www.fairydreams.nl